Delburne considering a designated truck parking area

The issue of a designated truck parking area in the Village of Delburne was raised at the village council meeting held on June 22. 

Council had asked administration to investigate the matter of insurance and other legal matters required. 

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Karen Fegan reported to council that appropriate insurance would be required and the designated area be properly secured.

“Would truck owners and drivers be willing to pay for the privilege to park there to cover the costs incurred?” asked Mayor Bill Chandler.

 Coun. Tim Wilson suggested that contact should be made with the truck owners/drivers to ascertain their interest and willingness to have this parking area. 

Council made no decision awaiting more information.

The fire that caused severe damage to two buildings on Main Street on March 31 engendered detailed discussion regarding the clean up of said structures. 

CAO Fegan brought a Request for Decision to council administration’s Request for Decision recommending “that council seriously consider approving the purchase of Plan6370AK, Block 1, and Lot 9.  

She noted that the Order to Remedy had expired beyond the 50-day time frame and that the owner of one of the effected properties had offered to sell that property for a nominal price to the village rather than pay for the cost of clean up. 

Before making a decision to purchase Mayor Chandler advised that conditions would need to be put into the motion. 

Coun. Wilson stated, “Let’s play hardball, we need permission first to enter the property to see what we are dealing with.” 

Coun. Jeff Bourne added, “that as it stands the premises are not safe and that it is incumbent upon us to make a decision soon.” 

After some further discussion, it was agreed that administration contact the owner regarding permission to enter the premises and in the interest of time expediency request to call a Special Meeting of Council to deal with the matter. 

Council made no decision at this time.

Council also received information regarding the matter of grass cutting on the village-owned and managed Delburne Cemetery. 

Some points of information given were as follows: It takes 20 hours to cut and trim. If outsourced would the cost be per hour or a flat rate per month for four months. The grass needs to be cut every 10 days on average.

Administration is directed to publicize to see if any contractors would be interested in providing this service.

A delegation by the Delburne Community Futures Committee addressed council regarding the Main Street Park future development plans. 

Their presentation revolved around the location of the new camp kitchen, the improvements to the electrical services, and the placement of a “smart pole” which would provide high-speed Internet service via fibre optics to users. 

This would be for campers, camp kitchen users or vendors at market events. 

The spokesperson for the delegation inquired if the costs of these improvements and services would be taken from the Committee’s budget. 

CAO Fegan assured that the Internet services would be born by the Internet installers.



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