Deeper thoughts on global warming

Dear Editor,
Lately we see articles about diminishing pollution, thereby saving the planet’s atmosphere from heating up, by producing other ways of making (electrical) energy – solar, wind, water power etc.
The articles gleefully announce an expected 58 per cent result by 2050. That is about 34 years from now, still within the lifetime of most of us.
However we seem just as gleefully to forget, that currently (and there is no curbing in sight) we collectively increase the global population by 200,000 people per day. That is about 73 million people per year.
In 34 years that will amount to at least 2.5 billion people, likely three billion as the people, as yet unborn, will begin to produce in the third and fourth decade.
That is an increase of more than 1/3 of the current world population. ALL POLLUTERS!
All needing housing, all needing space, all needing food and water, all wanting the same or more of the amenities we currently enjoy.
The pollution caused  by that many polluters will easily outstrip the diminishing of the polluting elements, which we are trying so very hard to bring under control to prevent global warming.
The Premier of Alberta talks to some groups in the U.S.A. about what Alberta’s plans are and Trudeau does the same thing about global warming to the United Nations, which is purely rhetorical and an excuse for the carbon tax.
Logic and mathematics (both in short supply – especially in politicians it seems) tell me that closing a few coal mines, rolling back the oil industry with its various products, putting taxes on carbon is not going to do the trick. (It will have minimal results, but will increase unemployment and just steals more money out of people’s pockets).
Instead of conferences on global warming, governments and people must start realizing that we do not live in individual bubbles, that the additive effect of human reproduction must be reduced if we are going to have a livable human environment in the future.
Trump is not helping either with his pro-life idea. Planned parenthood is the answer, taking responsibility for what you do.
So instead of global warming conferences the politicians ought to have conferences on how to bring the population explosion under control.
Right away we think, “Yes, but in Canada, we have lots of space”.
Our country, along with South America, is one of the last places on earth with livable space. Oh, did you notice that the Asiatic countries are exporting their overflow, which translates into the fact that somehow we have to get away from the notion that having babies is the ultimate aim of human existence.
It is a global problem! We live on a finite sphere and it will affect all of us.
As an aside:  how many of you are aware that 20,000 years ago the Sahara desert was a green space. Rock paintings attest to it, they depict cattle grazing.
How many of you are aware that 12,000 years ago, this country, our Canada, was covered under at least one kilometre of ice.
Question what brought the changes? For sure not people, there were very few and they most certainly did not have cars, tractors or airplanes!
Maybe we should put corks in all the active volcanoes, tell the sun not to have sun flares, tell the tectonic plates not to move. Ask ourselves why we have oil and coal in Alberta and Siberia; how come there are coal deposits in Spitzbergen, an island close to the North Pole?
Global warming is a natural phenomenon on which we have some, but minimal impact.
We can counteract pollution by diminishing the prime cause (overpopulation); diminishing the CO2 content is not the answer.
Frank VanderKley, Trochu, Ab.

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