Decision on tax incentives for new commercial and residential development deferred

Coronation town council

The decision on whether to offer tax incentives for new commercial and residential developments was discussed by town council at their last regular meeting on Mon., May 30.

CAO Sandra Kulyk told council members that many businesses found out about the bylaw after the fact and took advantage of the tax incentives retroactively.

Coun. Vickey Horkoff inquired about how much the town lost offering the tax break while Coun. Keith Griffiths countered with how much the town stands to gain in taxes over a 30 – 40 year period with the building of a new business.

Council members opted to think on the matter and deferred the decision until the June 27 meeting.

CAO Report

Sandra Kulyk, in her report to council, said she had met with Wendy Dafoe and drafted a grant application for the installation of an aerating water fountain for the Coronation Dam and worked with an engineer on development of the design and estimated capital cost for Hwy 872 Water Main Extension project.

She also noted to council she was working on developing policies on protocol for chlorine leaks at the Coronation Swimming Pool, fire department media strategy and and town office media strategy.

Equipment rental bylaw

The town’s equipment rental costs were increased by 10 per cent after the unanimous third reading by councillors on May 31.

The town of Coronation has various items for rent that include a gravel truck, grader, bobcat, street sweeper, water pumps and sewer cameras just to name a few.

The rates are designed to offer local residents a service as opposed to being competitive in the market place.

Most item rentals require the services of a town employee/operator for an additional cost due of $40 per hour to liability issues.

Council was provided with details for the Paintearth Lodge renovations budgeted at $114,584 that includes a hairdressing and tub room remodel to meet public health requirements, kitchen and dining room linoleum, stainless steel cupboards, hot water dispenser, an extra sink, new freezer, new toilets in the old rooms and grab bars in the tub/showers along with carpet in the hallways, common areas and front entry.

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