Death of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party

Danielle Smith, former leader of the Wildrose Party, was one of the first political leaders in Alberta to publicly acknowledge that she was a libertarian. Today most Conservative and Wildrose Party leaders are of the same bent.
A libertarian believes individuals are sovereign over their own lives and no one should be forced to sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others.
In the political sphere, that means the elimination of regulations, reduced and flat taxes, privatization of common-good services (electricity, medical, education), government austerity to make social programs unaffordable and governing primarily to their political base.
These policies are best described as Darwinism economics. In the science world, Charles Darwin believed that species evolved through natural selection whereby those with the greater ability to compete, survived and reproduced.
The strong survive, the weak don’t matter.
Darwinism economics uses the same premise. The strong, those with the most money and power, survive and the rest don’t deserve to prosper because they haven’t worked hard enough or aren’t smart enough.
In a nutshell, that’s why, since 1970, the wealth of the world has moved into a few hands, the middle class has seen no real growth in income and people in free nations are revolting and latching on to “non-traditional, radically right” politicians.
People falling behind know something is very wrong and because of respected men like Preston Manning and Stephen Harper promoting far-right rhetoric, the unsuspecting public have bought the well-financed myth that the institution of government is the problem.
The one per cent of the one per cent billionaires who own the lion’s share of the world’s wealth and their surrogates has done a masterful job propagandizing politicians, academics, graduates and common people into their way of thought.
Unfortunately, the very people who should be embracing a political belief system of free markets with government regulations, environmental protection, social programs and more, rather than less income inequality, are electing governments that work against the common person and further enrich the wealthiest.
The election of Jason Kenney as Progressive Conservative leader in Alberta is just another example of the current prevalence and power of Darwinian economic thought.
It is truly regretful that the Alberta Progressive Conservatives are now officially dead and the libertarians are in charge.

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