Deadpool defends Hanna band Nickelback

Fred Savage and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) hold hands as they begin singing ‘How You Remind Me’ by Nickelback during the ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ trailer that was released last Sunday, Dec. 10. Image courtesy of Ryan Reynolds/Youtube.

In the newest promotional video for ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’, the anti-superhero played by Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds defended the often ridiculed Canadian rock band, Nickelback.

The rock band Nickelback originated from Hanna, Ab. and has since become famous for many albums and awards made in the industry throughout the last couple of decades.

The video titled ‘Respect the Back’ has Reynolds dressed as Deadpool along with actor Fred Savage conducting a parody of The Princess Bride.

Savage emulates his old character ‘The Grandson’ in the popular film by listening to a bedtime story read to by Deadpool.

Even the band themselves were surprised by the video using a play on their song on Twitter, “It’s not like @VancityReynolds to say sorry, we’ve been waiting on a different @deadpoolmovie story……. #MaximumEffort.”

The video begins with Savage taking a jab at both Marvel and Nickelback which Deadpool then interjects to leap to Nickelback’s defence.

“OK, that’s it. I’m done. I’ve had it with all the Nickelback hating alright? Do you think that makes you cool with the cool kids in school?” said Reynolds.

“No it just makes me right,” said Savage. “They are overproduced, formulaic ear-garbage.”

Reynolds then launches into citing the band’s various accolades in Deadpool fashion.

“You know who would disagree with you? Facts,” he continued. “50 million albums worldwide, 11th best selling musical act of all time, Billboard’s most successful rock group over the last decade, six Grammy nominations, 12 Juno Awards (those count.), six Billboard music awards, two American Music Awards, one People’s Choice Award (Canadian) and a partridge in a f***** pear tree.”

Savage apologizes before he starts to sing the beginning of Nickelback’s song How You Remind Me.

They then held hands jamming out to the rest of the song.

Watch the full video on Youtube under ‘Respect the Back’.

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