Daysland requests funding for a ‘quick response’ wildland/command unit

Bryan Passifiume
ECA Review Reporter

During their regular council meeting on Wednesday, October 10, Flagstaff County received a letter from the Town of Daysland requesting funding for a “quick response” wildland/command unit for the Daysland Fire Department.
The town is seeking the county’s assistance to contribute $20,000 towards the fire truck’s purchase, which according to Daysland CAO Ed Chow, would supplement fire coverage in the Daysland/Heisler/Strome area. The money, according to the letter, would cover the cost of the truck’s water tank and pump system.

The truck, even though the purchase of which was approved by Daysland council, was not purchased with the consultation or approval of the county. Under the regional Fire services agreement, signed earlier this year, Daysland was not scheduled to receive funding for new fire apparatus until 2025.
A motion to deny the request for funding was passed unanimously. Earlier this year,
Flagstaff County Council voted to pursue ownership of the Killam/Sedgewick Airport, at the request of the Iron Creek Flying Club.
Killam and Sedgewick each contributed $3000 this year towards operation of the airport.  Runway repairs, as well as utility expenses will leave a $3000 deficit in the airport’s 2012 operating budget. The airport, currently owned by the province, has been under direct control of the county since June.
Administration recommended to council that the county assume 100 per cent of the airport’s 2012 operational deficit, and assume all management responsibilities as of the beginning of 2013. As the change of ownership will be a lengthy process, Alberta Transportation will draft an interim lease agreement between the province and the county.
A motion to accept the recommendations of administration passed unanimously.

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