Daysland Grad: Play the moments, pause the memories, rewind the happiness

Daysland School held their annual Spring Graduation Exercises on Fri., May 6 in a packed school gymnasium.    The 2016 graduating class are, from the left, back row: Dalton LaFantaisie, Matthew Kirk, Tyler Emmerson, Jake Albers and  Dylan Vaclavik.
Third row: Langdon Holt, Blaine Owre, Matthew Elley, Brandan Patterson, Trent Terway and Jason Albers.  Second row: Principal Richard Payne, Allyson Badry, Keely Blake, Vanessa Gratrix, Madison Zimmer, Shantelle Vaillancourt and Vice-Principal Margaret Carlson.  Front row: Natasha Martz, Jaden Green, Caitlin Ronnmark, Ember Kowalchuk, Jo-Anne Yuzik, Shelby Meyer and Ashley Wipf.  Photo courtesy of Summit Studios


Allyson Badry and Matthew Elley

Ember Kowalchuk and Blaine Owre

Jaden Green, Dalton LaFantaisie and Ashley Wipf

Keely Blake and Dylan Vaclavik

Madison Zimmer and Jason Albers

Matthew Kirk and Shelby Meyer

Vanessa Gratrix and Trent Terway

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