Daysland opts for service over ownership

Public Works Foreman, Cody Mayne presented Daysland town council with a lengthy report on the various projects currently underway at their regular meeting on Oct. 27 which included replacing a number of water meters in town that were installed backwards or reading zero, various pipe repairs as well as the CIP project which began on Oct. 19 and the cleaning and flushing of lines.

Apparently the work being done on the pipes will extend their life by several decades.

Excess revenue
CAO Rod Krips presented council with a summary sheet of the 2015 budget to the end of September which, he said shows an $86,000 in excess revenue however in addition to some coding discrepancies he said there are some adjustments that need to be done with respect to salaries, overtime pay and benefits. Exact numbers were not immediately available.

Council also discussed the $807 increase in the Parkland Regional Library budget.  Although it is a 13 per cent increase over last year’s budget, it is the first increase since 2009.

Fire department
The relationship between the town of Daysland and Flagstaff County has been strained over discussions  regarding their fire departments, as have many other communities in that county.

After a great deal of discussion about the costs and liability of the fire department, not to mention a few express words from councillors over comments made by county fire chief, Kim Cannady relating to the training of their town’s volunteer fire department, council decided that they would be the first to ‘extend an olive branch’, that their primary goal was service, not ownership.

Daysland has decided to concede ownership of their fire department to the county with details such as ownership of the truck, building and equipment still needing to be discussed and mutually agreed upon.

No shows at auction
The town of Daysland now owns several properties as a result of not one single person attending a recent public auction that was held  to sell the local properties.

Council discussed putting the properties out for tender at market value with hopes that the proceeds of the sale will cover the outstanding taxes owed.

University students visit
Daysland, Killam and Hardisty will be hosting 70 students all in the health care field from the University of Alberta (UofA) on Nov. 14 and 15.

The students will be attending a skills session in each of the community hospitals they visit.

The purpose of the tour is to lay the groundwork for future recruitment of healthcare professionals to the local area.

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