Davos talk disturbing

The World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos concluded leaving some commentators concerned about depopulation talk from high profile individuals like Jane Goodall, misinterpreted IPCC SR1.5 findings by Greta Thunberg, and talk of doomsday battles by Al Gore says Friends of Science Society.

Goodall’s statement shocked many people, claiming: “All these [environmental] things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if there was the size of population that there was 500 years ago.”

The world’s population is estimated to have been about 500 million then, or 6.7 billion less than today.

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Depopulation notions stem from apocalyptic climate visions, but Roger Pielke, Jr. explains in a Jan. 2, 2020, article in Forbes, climate science has been corrupted by the influential “Risky Business” report of 2014.

This report was funded by green billionaires and proliferated into the media and scientific domains by powerful environmental groups.

Pielke, Jr. says the report misattributes the proposed ‘pathways’, focusing on the most extreme scenario called Representative Concentrated Pathway 8.5 (RCP 8.5), something that is far from a ‘business-as-usual’ case.

Relevant to the DAVOS set of bankers and billionaires, Mark Carney’s infamous speech to Lloyd’s of London of 2015 – “Breaking the Tragedy of the Horizon” invoked the “Risky Business” report that Pielke, Jr. says has corrupted climate science.

The extreme RCP8.5 is the only scenario used in an influential graph on page 105 in the IPCC SR1.5 report that Greta Thunberg refers to in her speeches.

At Davos, Greta referred to a table on page 108 of the IPCC SR 1.5 report for her crisis comments, as if a certainty. But the preceding IPCC SR 1.5 pages refer to numerous uncertainties of climate feedbacks and climate sensitivity (warming effect) of carbon dioxide.

Most of the scientific papers referred to in the table were published in or before 2013.

In 2013, the IPCC AR5 report (Box 9.2, Chapter 9) stated there had been a hiatus in warming since before Kyoto, despite a dramatic rise in carbon dioxide concentration from human industry and activity.

Dr. Judith Curry testified to the US Senate on Jan. 16, 2014, that based on the IPCC AR5 evidence, “carbon dioxide is not the control knob that can fine-tune climate…”

Curry noted that “the science of climate change is not settled, and evidence reported by the IPCC AR5 weakens the case for human factors dominating climate change…”

Climate scientists like Prof. Katharine Hayhoe continue to present proposed mitigation pathways as she did at the University of Calgary on March 6, 2018, as either the catastrophic and unrealistic RCP 8.5, or a lower RCP ‘choice’.

She claimed China is a world leader in emissions reduction due to its wind and solar implementation.

In fact, China’s emissions in one month equal those of Canada in one year.

A chart from the original report by van Vuuren et al (2011) shows that no RCP scenario is fossil-fuel free, debunking the notion that NetZero2050 should even be part of public policy or that rapid decarbonization is necessary.

Pielke, Jr. says these RCP models cannot be compared. For instance, the other RCP pathways represent a world with about 3 billion fewer people by 2100 than is the projected basis for RCP8.5.

In “Factfulness”, Hans Rosling recounts how in 2009 Rosling met Al Gore who told him then “We have to create fear!” As a medical doctor and international public health policy expert, Rosling rejected ‘fear’ writing: “Fear plus urgency makes for stupid, drastic decisions with unpredictable side effects.”

A decade later, Al Gore continues with his apocalyptic approach and at Davos, claimed the climate ‘crisis’ was equivalent to historic wars, even invoking 9-11.

In August 2019, Nature published an article from scientist Mike Hulme and others, calling for IPCC SR 1.5 authors to stop the climate emergency and deadline hysteria, saying it was not representative of the science and it damaged scientific credibility.

CLINTEL – climate intelligence organization, representing more than 800 global scientists, including Nobel Laureates, sent a letter to WEF stating there is no climate emergency, and challenging Greta and Al Gore on their apocalyptic statements. Friends of Science Society is an independent group of earth, atmospheric and solar scientists, engineers, and citizens who are celebrating its 17th year of offering climate science insights.

After a thorough review of a broad spectrum of literature on climate change, Friends of Science Society has concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).

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