Dahlgren receives Pioneers of Rodeo award

This year Frank Dahlgren of Cadogan, Alberta received the esteemed Pioneers of Rodeo award this year at the Calgary Stampede, getting a champion’s welcome at the Stampede for the extraordinary time he has spent competing in the rodeo.
Mr. Dahlgren first started attending the stampede in 1953, trailing bucking horses down to Calgary when he was only 12.
In 1957 he started as a barn-hand with Hank Willard the chuck wagon legend. And the next year he began competing as an outrider with Jack Gill. It didn’t take long for this tremendous young horseman to be recognized. He went on to compete in wild horse racing, wild cow milking, and Saddle Bronc. But wagon racing has always been Frank’s favorite event, even his favorite to watch after he retired in 1978. “It was the one that kept drawing me back,” he says.
Frank competed in the Calgary Stampede often and did very well, but didn’t receive a buckle until 1973, as an outrider in the wagon races.
He says the biggest change to the sport of rodeo since he started has been the money, “Both the cost of competing in rodeo and the winnings have increased, and as a result things have become much more professional. It used to be just a hobby.”
Frank still deeply enjoys rodeo, despite no longer competing. “I look forward to spring every year,” he said.

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