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The Fine Arts Board of W. E. Hay Secondary School Campus and the Stettler District Music Festival has put in a request to council.

At their meeting on Tues. Jan. 7, council agreed to support the ask for a wireless microphone sound system at the cost of $9,000.

The other portion of the request was to fund $60,000 for new lighting within the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) at W. E. Hay.

They would be upgrading the existing incandescent lights, which can heat up the room rather quickly, to LED fixtures.

The addition of coloured LEDs would give thousands of on-stage colour options for whatever performance taking place.

An issue was the claiming of ownership as there has been conflict in the past over who actually owns the lights and who uses it so an emphasis on community was mentioned.

Council chose to defer the lighting cost to let other partners join in on the amount as $7,000 has already been raised.

Steel Wheel Stampede support

Steel Wheel Stampede chairperson Terry Baltimore, grounds and entertainment personnel Earl Radford, and sponsorship chair Clint Satre, as well as Sean Nolls, presented to council.

They asked for sponsorship from the town in the form of funding two large tents at a cost of $8,800.

One tent will house the new trade fair while the second will be for the beer gardens and dance.

Having the tents close to the outdoor arena was a huge selling point for attendees as the distance had deterred people from exploring in the past.

Council chose to accept the sponsorship role, agreeing to fund the two tents.

In the future, the committee hopes to buy their own.

When asked about the overall success of the rodeo, the team of presenters were content.

They mentioned that despite 47 centimetres of moisture, it went over well.

“Our saving grace for profitability was having the dance on the grounds. It was the right size,” said Nolls.

Live Barn

Stettler Town Recreation and Culture manager Brad Robbins went over the benefits of joining Live Barn, a ‘leader in amateur sports broadcasting in North America’ by providing proprietary broadcast streaming services in both the Blue and Red Arenas of the Stettler Recreation Centre (SRC).

Council, feeling the unique opportunity was worthy, accepted the request.

The service will be provided at no cost to the facility.

“I don’t see any downsides to this,” said Coun. Wayne Smith.

Robbins felt the system was an excellent way for both coaches and parents or other family to access footage of games.

Coaches can use the video to look back at certain plays while anyone who has a certain code can see their loved ones playing from anywhere.

Teams or clubs who do not wish to be recorded can ask for private viewings available to their group only.

Robbins explained that after a long conversation with Sylvan Lake staff who currently have the system, there have been “no reservations or complaints.”

With Stettler signing off, it showed the recent wave of increase amongst communities as both Lloydminster and Provost have also accepted the new system.

A number of venues including Viking, Sylvan Lake, Beiseker, Cochrane and Calgary have already jumped on board.

Two large TV screens will be added so people can access the code shown.

They could have this installed before March as they will be setting up the other two already in Provost.

Posters alerting visitors of the surveillance will be put in place.

The cameras are automatic and with new technology, follow the action on their own eliminating the need for a constant person manning the camera.

Grant application

The Alberta Community Partnership is accepting Grant Applications for Intermunicipal Collaboration projects including development of regional land use plans and service delivery frameworks.

The Town and the County have previously completed a Red Willow Creek Basin Study and a Master Servicing Study under a similar grant program.

Following the completion of these studies it was always intended to complete a review of the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) followed by a new South East Area Structure Plan (SE ASP).

The process of developing a new SE ASP cannot begin until the completion of a routine review and amendment to the IDP as the area is completely within the IDP boundary and includes property within both municipal jurisdictions.

The completed Master Servicing Study and a Red Willow Creek Basin Study will be incorporated into the IDP amendment and New SE ASP.

As a part of the ACP Grant Application, administration was required to provide a council resolution or motion from both participating partners to confirm the project commitment and involvement.

The completed application will be submitted prior to the January 20, 2020 deadline.

Council accepted a recommendation by administration to give support of the Town’s involvement in a review and amendment to the Town and County Intermunicipal Development Plan followed by a New South East Area Structure Plan and designate the Town of Stettler as the managing partner for the project under the Alberta Community Partnership Grant requirements.


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