Criticizing conservative leaders a ‘no-go’?

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Dear Editor,

Re: “Time has proved him wrong” by Gord Snell; 4/23/2020.

The author says that the “World Health Organization (WHO) has been exposed as a lapdog of China”. 

Where are the facts to substantiate that statement? Or is he “parroting” the words of Donald Trump? 

The writer also says that “he wishes Trudeau should fly off to the Aga Khan’s private island and leave a “responsible adult” in charge. 

Hmm? The author failed to mention that Stephen Harper, when he was the Prime Minister of Canada, also supported the Aga Khan. 

I guess it’s okay for him to criticize Trudeau but not Harper. Why?

Why doesn’t the author criticize the cutbacks to public education while at the same time expanding aid to private schools and to charter schools? 

Does he criticize Mr. Kenny for doing away with environmental regulations in the tar sands without consultations with the public? 

Does he criticize the premier for closing the public parks without consultations with the public?

Does he criticize Kenny for usurping the pension funds of the teachers and other public servants without consultations?

Does he criticize the premier for spending over a billion dollars on a pipeline while crying poverty? 

Kenny has money for the “war room”, for the oil patch, for private businesses, for a large payroll for his own staff, but he doesn’t have money for “essential” public services. Where is the criticism?

Or is criticizing conservative leaders a “no-no”? 


George Thatcher

Trochu, Alta.

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