Credit Card Fraud targeting businesses in Hanna

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The Hanna RCMP would like to make the public aware of an emerging credit card fraud where the suspects use stolen credit card information to make high-value purchases.

The suspects will contact a local business by phone and make a significant purchase using stolen credit card information.

If the card doesn’t work they will call back with a “new” credit card which again is stolen information.

Some of the purchases are large enough that multiple purchases are required on the same card for a single purchase.

The suspects will then have someone pick the product up for them.  All businesses, big and small, are susceptible to this fraud.

Large implement dealerships, lumber yards, hardware stores etc can be easy targets for this fraud.

It is good business practice to always confirm the identity of anyone using a credit card to make a purchase and to confirm the person actually has the credit card.

Especially in cases where the caller is unknown to the business and the transaction is significant.

Always ask for proof of identity and to see the actual credit card to make sure both match prior to releasing the product.

If you are suspicious of the transaction, call your local RCMP or police.



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