Creating diversification phase one

Many of you are aware that on Feb. 12 and 15, we began the community consultation phase of our Community Action to Create Diversification.
This is the beginning step of the $455,000 grant which we received from the Provincial Government.
The first two meetings were very successful, with many residents coming out to take part in them. These meetings were just the beginning of this process.
There were opportunities to share your ideas in what the transition for Hanna might look like.
If you were unable to attend the first two meetings but have some ideas, please contact the Hanna Learning Center at (403) 854-2099 and they will be more than happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss them.
As we receive ideas we will set up Community Action Teams to move them forward.
We continue to advocate to the Alberta Government on how they can help our region move forward in achieving the best results for us through the Coal Transition.
In some recent meetings we had with different Ministries, they encouraged us to also lobby the Federal Government for assistance. We have begun the process of reaching out to them.
Our timing is very good as the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna is rolling out a Task Force on the Just Transition for Canadian Coal-Power Workers and Communities.
This Taskforce will consult with Coal affected communities and workers and report back to the Federal Minister with recommendations about how best to support coal workers and communities.
As we approach spring, I would like to give a shout out to the snow removal crews. The recent huge dump of snow created some challenges for the residents of Hanna. Once again, Town employees did an awesome job clearing the snow.

Chris Warwick, Mayor

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