COVID for Easter 

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, Easter hasn’t looked the same for two years now.

Last year on Easter we were in lockdown, with very little idea of what was to come.

This year was a bit different because some people could visit their loved ones without the same worry due to our increased knowledge of the virus.

However, not everyone was able to freely visit family and friends this year. The vaccines in Alberta have been prioritized to elders and hospital staff.

Why is COVID-19 something to worry about?

COVID-19 is a disease that a person could catch from simply talking to another person.

That is why Dr. Deena Hinshaw and Premier Jason Kenney had to make the hard decision to have social distancing and mask-wearing in public places.

What happens if a person gets COVID-19? If a younger person gets COVID-19 they will likely only get mild symptoms.

An elderly person who contracts the virus could end up in the hospital or even die. So that is why we all need to social distance and wear our masks.

Hannah Cha is a university student who didn’t get the luxury to visit her family in person for the holiday.

“Easter didn’t feel like a holiday this year. I have celebrated it with loved ones by being together and eating food, but this year I spent the long weekend studying as I wasn’t able to see my family in person,” she said.

Vaccinations are making it possible for some people to get together safely.

When asked how it felt to visit her grandmother over Easter, Trisha Dambrowsky said, “It felt amazing that I could visit her knowing that she’s got a vaccination and I’m fully vaccinated. It was an Easter gift.”


by Dillan Dambrowsky

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