County to extend gravel contract

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The County of Paintearth council moved to send a letter of intent to extend the current contract with Brock Rock for one year, during the regular council meeting on June 19.
The supply and delivery contract will see 30,000 tonnes of 420 spec three-quarter inch road gravel to both the Castor colony and Roland sites.
The contractor has agreed to deliver the gravel in 2019 for approximately $1,393,300, the same price as delivered in 2017.
“Well I don’t think you can beat the cost,” said Coun. George Glazier.
How the project will be funded will be discussed at a later date.

Arena update
Natasha Bozek, Richard Elhard and Stacey Renschler joined council on behalf of the Castor Recreation Board and gave an update on the arena renovation project.
“Since the county has put substantial money in, I feel it’s only fair we keep you update on what is going on,” said Castor Mayor, Richard Elhard.
Demolition started on June 5 and was completed with the help of Filipenko Bros., Calvin Foot, Dale Huff and many other volunteers.
“The volunteerism is beyond anything we could have expected,” said Elhard “You had to see it to believe it.”
The Castor Recreation Board has raised $462,595 to date and is expecting additional income from donations and fundraisers.
The renovations are projected to be completed by November 30.

Clem Geo Energy
Council moved to deny the request to sign the non-disclosure agreement presented by Clem Geo Energy and to not sub lease a quarter of land.
“The county is recommending, that we do not sign the non-disclosure as it goes against our non-transparency,” said Interim Chief Administrative Officer, Brenda Hepp, “and the county does not sub lease our leases.”
The county did seek legal opinion on this matter.
In March Clem Geo Energy presented a non-disclosure agreement and the consideration of leasing a county quarter, which is currently being leased to a ratepayer.

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