County pursues hand sanitizer for promotional purposes

Written by Terri Huxley

Council taking a roll in helping communities stay safe after a decision was made to purchase hand sanitizer for residents of the county.

Each year, the County of Paintearth allocates money towards promotional items as giveaways.

At the last strategic planning meeting in April, council noted hand sanitizer might be a good option for this year considering the current state of the province and the world during a pandemic.

EC Labs out of Edmonton has been certified by Health Canada and has a site license to produce the product. 

Since they are locally based, EC Labs typically purchases packaging and the alcohol locally for their product rather than outsourcing which is an added bonus. 

The idea of obtaining 5,000 medium-sized bottles of hand sanitizer is that it would be handed out to various businesses within the county to ‘encourage good hand hygiene for all residents and help reduce the spread of infectious disease given our current climate dealing with COVID-19.’

The product has a shelf life of two years.

“I’m in favour of this because I don’t think COVID is going to go away,” said Coun. Tyrrel Hewitt.

After some healthy debate, council passed a motion to purchase 5,000 medium bottles with county logo for a price of $2.95 per bottle plus a $500 logo set up fee at $15,250 with the condition that this purchase will depend on the alcohol level as it must be 70 per cent or higher to kill bacteria and viruses. 

The funding will come from the promotional budget since there is no county barbecue this year.

Valley Ski Hill slope stabilization funding 

The Valley Ski Hill (VHS) has moved forward with the slope stabilization project after a massive sum of the required funding was produced.

They have retained a qualified contractor who has provided a detailed plan that closely hits the initial $600,000 mark identified back in 2016 as part of their original memorandum of understanding.

The project is expected to cost roughly $661,000 which makes them short approximately $85,000.

VHS has chosen to move forward this summer even though the outcome of the CFEP grant which would pay for the remainder of the missing funds will not be announced until the fall.

In the meantime, they have asked both the County of Paintearth and Flagstaff County to backstop a loan which will cover the remaining costs.

Council noted that in their recent survey of priorities for residents, keeping the ski hill viable was one of them which helped influence their decision.

Many councillors made their own remarks as well on how important this facility is to the area.

Dep. Reeve Doreen Blumhagen mentioned they should look at contacting both MLA Nate Horner for Drumheller-Stettler and MLA Jackie Lovely for Camrose as many letters of support rubber-stamped by them have come back with positive results.

A motion to be a loan guarantor was passed.

Paintearth is now waiting for Flagstaff to do the same.

Residential Signs damage and replacement

Coun. Dale Norton and Coun. Diane Elliott were on the same wavelength when it came to mentioning the damage to many blue residential signs within the county.

Many have used them for target practice or are simply worn out by the exposure to the sun; either way, community services director Todd Pawsey noted that any signs that need to be replaced will be shortly.

Many of these signs were installed in 2012 so after eight years of directly facing the sun, they have faded to nearly non-legible writing.

He mentioned that anyone who sees a worn out sign should call the county as Pawsey will be making an order for new signs very soon.

No motion was required.

Sale of gravel

The Town of Coronation is rebuilding a 230m section of road west of the community hall.

To help with costs they have asked to purchase 1½ inch road gravel plus delivery from the county to place as a base on the new road surface as a donation.

One hundred twenty tonnes of gravel would give them a 2-inch base layer which would come at a cost of $2,745.60 while the cost for trucking is $3.03 per tonne for a total of $363.60.

Last year, this project was pursued but Public Works Director Bryce Cooke noted that they did not have enough gravel to mix in the oil which ‘turned it into a mess’.

He also mentioned he would be okay to part with the gravel as they already have a stockpile set up.

Council passed a motion 5 – 2 to donate the gravel.

STARS pledge

STARS Air Ambulance services asks annually for funding on a per capita basis.

Last year, council agreed to up their contribution from $3 to $5 per capita which they agreed to do again this year.

In total, council passed a motion to support STARS in the amount of $10,510 based on the 2016 population of 2102 people living within the county limits noting the importance of having STARS available.


Terri Huxley

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