County passes Procedural Bylaw

County of Painthearth council passed the third and final reading of the Procedural bylaw.
“The revised bylaw was compiled and consideration given to several best practices that were outlined in a circular from Alberta Municipal Affairs dated December 2017,” said Brenda Hepp, Director of Legislative Services and Interim Chief Administrative Officer.
“The new procedure bylaw shows the connection to the agenda as both are an integral part of efficient council meetings.”
“A procedure bylaw is different for every municipality as it responds to the unique dynamic of the municipality and should be reviewed periodically, ” said Hepp.
The previous procedural bylaw was adopted in May 2011 and the first reading of the new bylaw was given April 17.

Aerial photography
County council has moved to have aerial photos and LiDAR taken of the county, at a cost of $46,109. Currently a group of six counties, including Paintearth, have agreed to aerial photography and LiDAR. Due to the large consortium, participants are receiving a reduced rate.
The current aerial images, which are used by county staff daily, are eight years old.
The funding for this project will be provided from restricted surplus.

Shop and equipment upgrades
Council moved to spend $7,665 to replace the Agriculture Services Board shop boiler with a high-efficient combination unit that also replaces the hot water tank.
There is $1,000 in the budget for building supplies, while the remaining $6,665 will be funded from restricted surplus.
Council approved the purchase of a John Deere Z390R zero turn mower for $12,952. The purchase of a zero-turn mower was presented in the capital budget for $13,000.
The John Deere Z390R features a side discharge, deluxe seat and rear hitch.
Funding for the purchases will be from restricted surplus.

Recreation and Community Service grants
Council moved to fund one individual and two teams who have applied for the Recreation and Community Service grant.
A yearly budget of $5,000 is reserved for youths, either individuals, teams or clubs, that are participating in recreation and culture at a provincial, national or international level.

Emily Wheller
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