County offers road construction service to development applicants

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Applicants that are required to construct a road as part of their development/subdivision application will now have the option to request the County to provide this service. A motion to amend the Public Works Policy 5.12 – Road Construction – Cost Sharing was passed at the County of Stettler meeting on June 12, 2013.
The County of Stettler will provide road construction to applicants, after County road work is complete, and will charge the applicant actual costs (equipment depreciation, fuel and wages) plus culverts, surveying, utility moves, etc.
Applicants have the option of hiring a private contractor and the County will continue to cost share 50 per cent of the eligible expenditures.
“The benefits to this change are twofold”, said CAO Tim Fox, “we have more control over our roads at no additional cost to the County and the applicant will incur lower costs”.
Councillor Blake Chapman opposed the motion.
Erskine Reservoir
A motion by Wayne Nixon to approve the budget and transfer of reserves in the amount of $2,763,533 for the Erskine Reservoir and Truck Fill project was passed in a split vote. The project will include a waterline from the Town of Stettler to the reservoir site, turning lanes and pavement to the reservoir site, a reservoir, truck fill and RV dump, engineering and a water distribution study for the Hamlet of Erskine.
Councillors James Nibourg and Joe Gendre voted against the project only because the water main was removed and they felt strongly that it should be included in the project. Gendre acknowledged that Erskine is a divided community with certain groups saying they don’t want water, but felt that the postponement of a water main would be detrimental. The water main cost was $200,000.
Administration argued that without a planned distribution system for Erskine, the streets could be ripped many times when residents decided to access the water main.
Councillors Blake Chapman, Greggory Jackson, Terry Schiffner, Lawrence Wilkie, and Wayne Nixon felt it prudent to do a distribution study first before placing waterlines within the Hamlet.  The distribution study could be completed by September 2013 and construction on the reservoir would occur over the winter or next spring.
Donalda Bridge
One tender was received from Bridgemen Services Ltd. of Didsbury to complete the substructure and girder replacement on the Donalda Bridge. Having met all the compliance requirements and scope of work requests, a motion was unanimously passed to award this contract to Bridgemen for a total cost of $435,313.  A budget amount of $712,000 had been set aside in the Revised Spring Budget.
The road will be closed for approximately three weeks to complete these bridge repairs.

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