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The County of Stettler held its organizational meeting on Wednesday, October 31, 2013. Newly elected councillors taking the Oath of Office were Ernie Gendre, Joe Gendre, Dave Grover, Greggory Jackson, James Nibourg, Wayne Nixon, and Les Stulberg.
Wayne Nixon was acclaimed Reeve and it was agreed the Deputy Reeve would be rotated among all Councillors on an 8-month rotational basis. Joe Gendre will be Deputy Reeve until June 30, 2014.
The remainder of the meeting involved elections to fill various committee positions. Election results were as follows:
Agricultural Service Board – Joe Gendre (chairman); Greggory Jackson (vice-chairman)
Municipal Planning Commission – James Nibourg (chairman); Les Stulberg (vice-chairman)
County of Stettler Assessment Review Board – Ernie Gendre, Joe Gendre, James Nibourg, Les Stulberg and three members at large.  To date, there are two members-at-large vacancies to be filled.
County of Stettler Subdivision & Development Appeal Board – seven members at large (six members were appointed; one position needs to be filled); two members with a professional designation in municipal planning (yet to be appointed).
County of Stettler Weed Control Act Appeal Board – four members-at-large (to date, there have been no applications received).  Ideally these positions would be filled by a farmer or an individual with a good knowledge of weeds.
Additional committee appointments can be found on the County of Stettler’s website at
The first regular meeting of the County of Stettler will be on November 20, 2013 at 10 am in the County Council Chambers.

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