County of Stettler honours community members

The crowd is doing the wave to see who would eat first during the 43rd annual County of Stettler Community Service Awards night in Erskine at the IOOF Hall on Thurs. Feb. 6. ECA Review/Submitted

Winners of the County of Stettler 43rd Annual Community Service Awards were announced at the Erskine IOOF Hall on Thurs. Feb. 6.

Two major awards including the Stettler Dodge Community Service Award and the ATCO Culture Arts and Heritage Award were highlighted.

Karen Armstrong received the Stettler Dodge Community Service Award from Kelly Hicks, Mark Higgins and Rev. Barbara Lieurance of the Erskine Social and Recreation Society.

Karen Armstrong, far right, received the Stettler Dodge Community Service Award from Kelly Hicks, far left, Mark Higgins and Rev. Barbara Lieurance of the Erskine Social and Recreation Society. ECA Review/Submitted

Alfred Erichsen received the ATCO Arts Culture and Heritage Award from Tracy Volker of ATCO, Mark Higgins and Buck McMillan of the Botha Community Centre.

The Sullivan Lake West Ag Society Community Service Award went to Terry Gallant. The Donalda and District Ag Society Community Service Award went to Jennifer and Duncan Charles.

Big Valley Ag Society’s Community Service Award was awarded to Sue and Bob Boswell while the Big Valley Ag Society Youth Service Award was given to Aughtum Wilkie.

Steve and Melissa Thiessen were awarded the Stettler and District Ag Society Community Service Award and the Erskine Social Recreation Society Youth Service Award was given to Jaydon Haustein.

The Linda Hall Society Community Service Award went to Brian Johnston.

Alfred Erichsen gave a speech after receiving the ATCO Arts Culture and Heritage Award. ECA Review/Submitted

Kaleigh Morris took home the Botha Community Centre Youth Service Award and Kallia Maki got the Botha School Youth Service Award.

Last but not least, the Endmoor Youth Community Service Award went to Chase Walker.

The evening hosted at the IOOF Hall was filled with laughter, food and speeches.



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