Director fired, Paradise Shores appeal under further judge review

The County of Stettler has confirmed Johan van der Bank, Director of Planning and Development, has been fired from the County.

Mon. Jan. 7 was the official date he was relieved of his duties.

“We’ve parted ways,” said Niki Thorsteinsson, Director of Communications. “The County of Stettler and Johan have parted ways so he is no longer working for the County of Stettler.”

The ECA Review contacted van der Bank for further comment.

He stated, “I will say that it was totally unexpected and that my termination [documentation] states that my termination is without cause.”

This decision to remove the director came a few weeks shy of Paradise Shores’ request to appeal the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) decision in provincial court on Wed. Jan. 23.

The appeal hearing was granted adjournment on Dec. 11, 2018 before being rescheduled at January’s date.

In early November, the SDAB ruled that the development should have 168 lots which was reduced from 750, a compromised amount after the initial request of 1,000 lots near the lake.

The County has remained neutral, issuing a statement about their position in December 2018.

A Calgary court judge determined at the Jan. 23 hearing to take in all information for consideration before coming to a final decision whether to appeal the SDAB’s decision or allow it to stand.

“The two lawyers for each side and the judge is taking it back to make a decision is what it came down to,” said Graham Adamson, president of the Rochon Sands Community Heights Association.

He along with other members were in attendance to watch the hearing unfold.

Terri Huxley
ECA Review

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