County of Paintearth requests speed reduction

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The County of Paintearth passed an unanimous motion June 18, 2013 to send a letter to Alberta Transportation asking it to extend the 80 kilometre speed reduction along Highway 12 half a mile east past Secondary Road 872 by Coronation.
“This is a smart idea,” said George Glazier, County of Paintearth reeve. “With new developments along Highway 12, there will be a lot of traffic going through this area.”
Council also passed a motion to pay $1,200 to install lights on the County’s regional response unit trailer. These lights will make the trailer visible at night when it is on the road. Currently, the trailer is not visible at night to drivers.
Councillor Walter Weber made a motion to take money from the County’s restricted surplus to pay for the costs of installing proper lights.
George Glazier noted that the lights should have been installed when the trailers were built and that it was imperative to fix the problem.
Councillors Tony Nibourg and Rocky Dahmer opposed the motion.
“Under the new Fire Services Agreement, the County only looks after fire and water trucks,” said Nibourg. “Towns need to realize they’re getting the cheques for these costs now.”
Tarolyn Peach reminded council that the Fire Services Agreement, which involves the County of Paintearth, the Towns of Castor and Coronation and the Village of Halkirk, begins July 1, 2013.
“Towns will have to pay for any additional maintenance after July 1,” said Peach.
Council carried the motion under the condition that future requests come July 1 be sent to the appropriate place.
Council also unanimously passed a motion to grant the Town of Coronation’s request for funding for pool upgrades. The County decided to grant the Town $40,000 in funding from restrictive surpluses. That is close to one third of what the Town is asking for.
To date, the total cost for pool upgrades has been $266,000. So far, the Town of Coronation has found $130,000 in funding and is currently seeking funding for the remaining $160,000.
This year, the County has $50,000 in available restrictive surplus funds to give to different recreational projects and upgrades. Council decided to save $10,000 from that total amount for other recreational projects and upgrades that might arise in the upcoming  fall or winter.

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