County of Paintearth meeting

A spreadsheet of supplementary funding information and costs submitted by the Town of Castor for pool upgrades was discussed at the County of Paintearth meeting on January 21, 2014. This document was a formal follow-up to the January 7 request by the County to break down what funding sources the Town had applied for in funding their pump upgrades, at a cost of $61,900. The Town is requesting $50,000 from the County.

It was discussed that the spreadsheet did not indicate necessary information required by the County to move forward with funding. It was discussed that the town had not applied for many external grants, as it appeared one grant was applied for the installation of a handicap aquatic lift.

Council agreed to discuss the funding spreadsheet with the Town of Castor representatives at the joint meeting later that evening which was not formally open to the public.

Destruction of records

Council gave approval to dispose of records as per the destruction of records policy. Administration records requested to be destroyed included one banker box of insurance records, policies and schedules from 2001; 10 bankers boxes of EFT payroll, AR, AP, County deposits, GST and cash receipts from 2003 – 2005; two bankers boxes of receiver general remittance material from 1994 – 2006; and two bankers boxes of general correspondence from 2006.

Proposed program changes

Council received correspondence from the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC) regarding proposed changes to the Local Road Bridge Program (LRBP).

Background provided by the document indicated that the review committee participated in a handful of 2012 meetings to evaluate the LRBP and conducted a member survey, which determined 52 per cent of respondents supported the committee’s recommendation that municipalities be awarded full control over local bridge structures and that the program should adopt a formula-based funding model (51 per cent). The document indicated that shortly after the survey was closed the Alberta Government said the LRBP was indefinitely zero-funded, leaving the committee in suspension.

The document ultimately asked councils to address any concerns, comments or statements regarding the LRBP moving forward, so that a greater perspective on the program could be ascertained in anticipation of a proposal to the Minister of Transportation in 2014.

Reeve George Glazier noted that the program was one County “Didn’t want to lose.” Some issues Council discussed in brief included the scope of environmental regulations on bridges on lower-travelled roads, which was generally viewed as overwhelming.


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