County of Paintearth Council Meeting

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A meeting with the Minister of Transportation at the fall Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties was discussed at the November 5, 2013 meeting of the County of Paintearth Council. Representatives from Council will be meeting with Ric McIver at the convention in Edmonton on November 14 to discuss road use and the conditions of highways 861, 599, 36 and 12.

Halkirk speed zone sign
Motion was carried to put a 50 km speed zone sign north of Highway 12 on RR 160, off the curve approaching Halkirk. It will extend for approximately 1 km until it hits the school zone speed change sign.

Letter of support
Council attended to the notification that the Halkirk post office had requested a reduction in hours. Council discussed plans to send a letter that indicates the County is not in favour of this reduction in hours. It was mentioned that it is vital to keep the hours at the Halkirk Post Office as is, due to a lack of bus or rail service for ease of mail transport.
Council also noted that a community-driven petition was circulating that was not in favour of the proposed change in working hours for the Post Office. This petition was not council driven and thus was taken as information.

Other news
Council passed a resolution to continue to support the Battle River Watershed Alliance at 50 cents per capita.
County also passed a motion to continue their membership in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

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