County of Paintearth council Code of Conduct to be in place by July 2018

A Council Code of Conduct Bylaw has been drawn up, and a first reading was passed at the County of Paintearth regular meeting on Nov. 21.
“Albertans have indicated a desire to hold their councillors more accountable for their actions,” states the Municipal Government Act (MGA) website.
“Elections help to hold municipal councillors accountable, but this may not appropriately address immediate or urgent issues when it come to the conduct of individual councillors.”
According to the MGA, all municipalities will need to develop a code of conduct before July 23 of next year. County of Paintearth hopes to have a code of conduct bylaw in place before July.
Councillors will look over the drafted bylaw, propose changes and amendments at the next meeting.

Shift changes and lay-offs
Kyle Hobbs and Richard Sveahun, representatives from the Westmoreland Coal Company, joined council to give their yearly report.
They told of the shift changes that happened at the Paintearth Mine in October. The site is no longer a 24-hour mining operation, as they are shutting down during the nightshift.
With the hour cut backs the emergency services available at the mine will be limited, and not as readily available to aid the public as they have done in the past.
Council was also informed the mine is expecting lay-offs of an estimated six employees coming January.
Hobbs and Sveahun shared a projected 5-year plan. The plan included rebuilding Township road 402 west in 2020 and mining through Township road 404 in 2021.
The representatives also discussed reclamation of the mining site. The current strategy is to reclaim the equal surface area that is disturbed each year.
With out a mining end date known, a full reclamation plan has yet to be determined.

Community Coal Transition Fund
Heisler is now included with the six other affected communities in the Community Coal Transition Fund (CCTF) grant application.
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Tarolyn Aaserud, said the funding would focus on community capacity and building community capacity.
The CCTF committee may be looking for a coordinator dedicated to the communities to ensure that all future community projects reach completion.

Valley Ski Hill
A plan is currently being devised to stabilize the ski hill.
Previously the County of Paintearth and Flagstaff County have each given $300,000 to the ski hill to aid with the pressing geotechnical issues.
CAO Aaserud informed council that the ski-hill will be able to remedy “two-thirds” of current issues with the allotted $600,000.
To solve the remaining issues the ski hill will be looking towards financing.

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