County of Paintearth

The price of retrofitting a spray truck to a water truck for the Village of Halkirk Fire Department was submitted to council by Public Works director Ed Manz at the County of Paintearth council meeting on January 7, 2013. Manz noted that the price was about $55,000 before tax. The truck would need other elements, such as lights and sirens, to be fully converted into a Fire Department water vehicle.

Motion to use a maximum $60,000 from restricted surplus to cover the truck and features was approved.

Federal program

Diane Szumlas from Community Futures East Parkland arrived to discuss the non-profit small business assistance initiative with Council. She noted that it is a federal program that began about 30 years ago as a way to ensure rural communities had necessary capabilities for economic development through access to capital.

Some initiatives mentioned included loans programs for downtown businesses, loans for youth commerce initiatives, Boomtown Trail initiatives and a financial literacy program for youth groups.

Castor pool

Council received a letter from the Town of Castor requesting financial assistance for their pool upgrades. Total coast of upgrades for the swimming pool filter system came to $61,900.

CAO Tarolyn Peach mentioned she had spoken to Assistant Recreation Director Shawna James concerning how much the Town was requesting, as it was not noted in the documentation sent to Council. James confirmed a request for $50,000.

After some discussion, Council decided to table the request to allow the Town of Castor to come up with a spreadsheet of costs of requirements broken down into individual components, including how much the Town was going to contribute and grants and alternate funding applied for, to give the full scope of their finances with the project.

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