County moving into new building soon

The new County of Starland administration and shop is ready for occupation soon. ECA Review/J.Webster
Written by Terri Huxley

The new County of Starland administration and shop is ready for occupation soon. ECA Review/J.Webster

In less than a month, Starland County administration and public works staff will be moving their things into the much anticipated new county building.

Back in May 2018, the county building burnt down, causing the instant shift in placement to the temporary ATCO building and the need for a new space.

In Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Shirley Bremer’s report on Wed. July 15 at the regular council meeting, Bremer reported that Eagle Construction is still right on time for the new facility and that move-in shall begin August 4.

CAO Bremer advised that from Aug. 4 to Aug.7, county administration will be closed to the public to focus on the move into the new building as their lease with ATCO ends on Aug. 10.

Proper COVID-19 signage and sanitization stations will be put in place as well as sneeze guards and airport-like lineups.

“Signage seems important. We are going to try and follow the rules as best we can even though some are very vague,” said CAO Bremer.

A few last minute purchases were also made in preparation of occupying the new building.

Public works supervisor Ken Menage said their current filing system room would have to be roughly a foot shorter, eliminating one whole row of filing equal to three banker boxes wide.

It came down to the placement of the door to enter.

The final design was approved in December but the contractors changed the location which will cost the county $2,500 to fix or they will lose some functionality to the space and the one filing row.

Council agreed to have the door moved.

The other item was the purchase of a curtain for the mezzanine of the shop to block out noise and dust.

Eagle Builders quoted $47,000 for a fire code ready wall while Shipper Supply offers a clear curtain for $5,300.

Coun. Jackie Watts mentioned meatpacking plants often use curtains instead of walls which were found to be comparable with this case.

Originally, $20,000 was budgeted for a new wall to be installed but with the option of the curtain, council passed a motion to go with that for $5,300.

Shelving has been a key piece to any shop with the county’s building being no exception.

$21,000 was budgeted to have new shelving bought and installed for both upstairs on the mezzanine and downstairs on the main floor.

Council made a motion to go with Westbow Systems for $20,898.67 which is subject to a five per cent discount if the company allows it.

Council carried the motion with Coun. Watts opposed.

It was determined after seeing a request from Menage to paint the small generator building for aesthetic purposes, council deemed it unnecessary at this time.

Lastly, council looked at projector and TV screens that could be used in council chambers for presentations and agendas.

In discussion, they found a projector and three retractable screens – one for the back of the room for gallery viewing and two for councillors on either side of their desk – to be the best option.

Council passed a motion to go with this decision at an estimated cost of $12,000 plus installation.

$21,000 was budgeted initially for the setup.


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