Country divided as never before

Dear Editor,

The question should be, should either government or private enterprise be responsible for senior care?

The solution to correcting our senior care should not lie with corporations or governments. Rather we should be looking at society and how we have destroyed the family. 

The baby boomers are the generation that never experienced the devastation of two world wars or the poverty between 1930 and 1940.

As teenagers, the baby boomers, to a large degree, rejected the values of their parents. Instead of listening to the same music and singing the same songs as their parents, they moved into rock ‘n’ roll, instead of marrying and raising responsible children they rejected the Christian morals. 

Instead they treated sex as recreation, not related to marriage or family. 

In 1969 this was all acted out at the Woodstock Celebration where Christian morals and values were totally rejected.

We are now into the third generation counting the baby boomers, and because of our resources and wealth in North America, they have gotten away with their lifestyle.

The divorce rate is so high that many no longer bother to get married. Now many children are growing up with only one parent. 

The homes being built are still getting bigger, more bedrooms and more bathrooms but no room for parents. 

It is mostly Christian families where the mother still stays at home to raise the children, the rest hire babysitters so they can hold a job to help pay for the larger homes and two cars and pay more taxes to the government, so the government can pay for more babysitters. 

No one has time or wants to have their parents in their large homes, that could look after the children. Instead, they expect the government or private investors to look after the parents and their children.

So we have a problem.

About the same time as the baby boomers decided to abandoned Christian family values, society decided to take God out of the education system and our Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau legislated no-fault divorce and decriminalized abortions and gave financial aid to the hippies. 

Now we have a baby boomer, Justin Trudeau, for a Prime Minister. 

All of our political parties have become progressive and we no longer have common values. 

Our Prime Minister can make a fool of himself multiple times, still his supporters circle the wagons to protect him.

He is unable to keep his own family together but we expect him to govern our country so is it any wonder our country is divided as never before?


George Friesen, 

Clive, Alta.

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