Countdown to summer holidays

The Kinderkids from Theresetta school getting to hold some cuddly kittens at Kylie Bowen’s farm.From the left, Anthoney Heidecker, Finlay Hanton, Brody Schulmeister, Ethan Webber, Charlotte Reuangrith, Tessa Beaumont, Chloe Barnes, and Mia Lefebvre.


We are down to single digits in the countdown to summer holidays (Shhhh! Don’t tell the students!) and everyone at Theresetta is staying focused on finishing up projects and studying for finals.
Theresetta students in grades 7, 8, and 9 travelled to the Kootenay Plains for their end of the school year field trip from June 7-10.
The Kootenay Plains are located 45 minutes west of Nordegg, Ab. The Kootenay Plains are recognized as an ecological reserve and have a long history of First Nations habitation.
Theresetta junior high students have been visiting the Kootenay Plains on this same kind of field trip for close to three decades.
Theresetta students prepared for this field trip as part of their Outdoor Education class.  The themes of the class centered around the history and ecology of the Kootenay Plains.
Students researched and gave presentations about the area.
The Outdoor Education class also had a focus on appreciating the natural world and developing their physical fitness in preparation for the many hikes on the trip.
On the morning of June 7, students, parent supervisors, and teachers made the trip west. The first stop was to explore historic Nordegg.
From there, the group visited the majestic Crescent Falls found on the Bighorn River and set-up camp at Cavalcade Group Campsite  and had supper.
The first evenings hike featured the sweat lodges found on the Kootenay Plains. The sweat lodges are still used for First Nations’ ceremonies. The group also hiked to the base of an icefall not yet transformed to a waterfall.
June 8 meant it was time for Theresetta’s traditional hike to Allstones Lake.
This challenging hike guides a person to the high elevation lake. The hikers enjoyed lunch at the lake, then turned their sights to the summit of the adjacent mountain.  All students summited the peak, and we enjoyed the breathtaking views!
June 9 featured a hike along the Siffleur River to the first waterfall. This hike includes crossing the North Saskatchewan River on a swinging bridge.
The afternoon took the group further west as they ventured to the Columbia Ice Fields.  The group explored the interpretative center, then hiked to the base of the Athabasca Glacier and witnessed first-hand the receding of the glacier.
The evenings were highlighted by lively baseball games under the moonlight and lots of visiting around the campfire.
The large group returned to Theresetta on June 10 after making some wonderful memories of the Kootenay Plains.

Gift of Sight
On June 13 an ex-superintendent of the East Central Catholic School Division, George Bunz, came to talk about the Gift of Sight project that Rainbow of Hope for Children, an international charity organization, worked on last year in Indonesia.
The fundraising that Theresetta did during their 2016 season of Lent went to support this cause. The project helped over 2,300 people with a wide variety of vision problems.
This year’s Lenten fundraising is going towards an education program in El Salvador.
On Thursday, June 15th, the Kindergarten class, along with Mrs. Ries, went out on their annual farm field trip. The class travelled south of town to Kylie Bowen’s farm to visit with her many different animals. The Kinderkids got to see chickens, turkeys, sheep, kittens, pigs, a milk cow, and calves. The students got to gather eggs, hold baby kittens, and give a calf a bottle. Afterwards, the class travelled to up the road to Mrs. Ries house for a picnic lunch and marshmallow roast. The students then got to watch Haley Ries’s horse, Zeke, perform his tricks. He bowed, laid down, sat like a dog, and stood on a pedestal, to name some of his tricks. Overall is was a great trip with lots of cool things to see and do for the Kinderkids.
The Grade 1/2 class has been keeping busy this last month of school. The students have been swimming like little fish twice a week, as well as reviewing some subjects and finishing up others. They are patiently anticipating their year end field trip which will happen on Monday, June 19th. They will be travelling to the Historic Markerville Museum and Creamery to get a hands on experience of what it was like working and going to school in the past.
The grade 5/6 class has been finishing the last unit of Science, Weather Watch, and will soon be preparing for their Provincial Achievement Tests and finals. The students have been building devices to measure different weather phenomenon, checking variables in our atmosphere and what effect they have on our climate and weather. The class also just finished their novel study of the book Bridge to Terabithia and will be working on a project based on the story before getting to enjoy the movie.
The 7-9 classes have finished up the classwork in most courses and are not preparing for the final exams. Students are hard at work reviewing everything they have learned from the beginning of the year until now and reflecting upon how far they have come in ten short months.
The Theresetta Junior High Drama Class would like to invite you to their performance of Little Red and the Riding Hoods, by Jen McVetty. The performances will be in the Theresetta gym on Thursday, June 22, 2017. The first performance will be at 2:00 pm and the second performance will be at 7:00 pm. We will be accepting donations at the door, and the money raised will go to support Rainbow of Hope for Children.

by K. Smawley

Theresetta students and teachers at the Crescent Falls, on the Bighorn River. ECA Review/submitted


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