Councillor reimbursement policy

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The standard review of council fee sheets raised a few questions among councillors as receipts were examined.
Councillor expenses are paid out on a per event basis. A councillor attending an approved event is paid a daily or half-daily rate, mileage and meal allowances if they are not provided at the meeting or event.
Each councillor’s monthly expense reports are published online as they are approved in council.
An examination of the last six months of published fee sheets reveal four councillors with zero claimed meal expenses, and the remaining three councillors with $73.64, $160.55 and $386.80 of reimbursed meal expenses.
Council has asked administration to bring the Councillor Reimbursement Policy back for review.

Byemoor post office
With the closure of its only store, the small community of Byemoor has also lost its post office.
According to Canada Post representatives, Byemoor-area residents will now receive their mail in newly installed community mailboxes.
Residents will need to sign up for flex delivery in order to choose a post office for parcel pickup.Residents have the option to choose Big Valley, Stettler, Botha or another convenient location to pick up their parcels.
Councillor Les Stulberg who represents the Byemoor/Endiang Ward mentioned that residents have voiced concerns over the placement of the mailboxes and requested they be moved to a more suitable location under a streetlight for improved night access.
Canada Post representative,Jill Brodersen revealed there was a possibility to reinstate a post office in Byemoor if the store was to reopen, or a suitable host business was found.

Support requests
Council unanimously passed a motion to sponsor the Stettler District 4-H Beef Council’s annual Show and Sale for $400.
Council will discuss further the request for support of the Stettler Steel Wheel Stampede.
In its ninth year of operation, the organization hopes to present the rodeo and parade along with a market, antique tractor show and shine, junior steer and heifer show and many more activities yet to be confirmed.
The Steel Wheel organization will become an independent society later this spring.
Looking forward, the society hopes to revamp sponsorship, have more attractions, make the cattle show bigger, draw more people in and become a pro rodeo within 10 years.

Tail Creek Snowbirds
County council agreed to supply a letter of support for the Tail Creek Snowbirds, an Erskine based snowmobile club, as they seek grants to help upgrade their trail system.
The group has 35km of trails mapped out, all on private land, providing a safe and legal place for snowmobiles.
Club representative Monty Turei explained how volunteers have worked on the trail system, installing signs, gates and warmup shelters while striving to maintain Alberta Snowmobile Association and National Board of Snowmobiling standards.
The registered not-for-profit organization hopes to qualify for grants to enable them to improve the gates on the trails in order to maintain positive relations with landowners and keep the trails open.
They have letters of approval from landowners and hope the county’s support will help them secure funding.

Contract changes
Council heard from county contractor, James Marshall Trucking regarding a request for adjustments to existing contracts to cover costs which have increased since the implementation of the carbon tax.
The contractor also asked for an amendment to the contracts to maintain a trucking number of three instead of four trucks due to this year’s reduced gravel program.
Administration will bring back estimates on actual costs associated with the carbon tax before any decisions are made.

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