Councillor leave of absence

Bryan Passifiume
ECA Review Reporter

Councillor Mark Stannard, during the Monday, December 10 regular council meeting, requested and was approved a leave of absence from his duties as councillor. In his stead, Bonnie Danylyshen was elected deputy mayor. No reason was given publicly for his request for his leave.
Public Works
Allan Smith, Public Works director presented his report to council. Allan reported that the summer saw an unusually high number of repairs for equipment. Mayor Dawna Elliot praised Smith for the town’s snow clearing efforts. “I only had two complaints last week,” Mayor Elliot said. “That’s awesome…. It’s great to see everybody pitching in.”

She added that snow clearing complaints are down overall, and praised Smith and his crews for making do with such a small public works staff.
Smith also lamented that Paintearth County has seemingly stopped their winter maintenance of the Coronation Airport, forcing him to divert valuable resources to pick up the slack.
“It’s a big hassle for us to run out there and do it,” Smith said.
According to Smith, the county normally plows the access road, parking lot, apron, taxiways and runway. After this last snowfall, only the runway was plowed, forcing town crews to take care of the remainder.
According to CAO Sandra Kulyk, winter maintenance was supposed to be the county’s contribution to the airport’s operations. She is planning to speak to Tarolyn Peach, CAO of Paintearth County, regarding the issue.
Library lease
Representatives of the Coronation Town and Country Golden Age Club and the Coronation Memorial Library were in the council chambers to hear deliberations regarding the lease agreement between the library and the Golden Age Club. The lease agreement, as signed by both parties, allow the library to lease its space within the Golden Age Club’s building. Council approved the lease agreement and a motion to accept it passed unanimously.
Council reports
Mayor Dawna Elliott reintroduced her proposal to make submitting reports a condition of receiving pay as a town councillor.
Mayor Elliott, who submits her report to council on a monthly basis, feels that it would be useful to council to know what each of them are up to while officially carrying out their duties. She also feels that regular reports, entered into the public record, would help justify their job to the taxpayers.
“We have to be accountable,” said councillor Bonnie Danylyshen. “It’s the only way to be accountable to council and the community.”
The issue was once again tabled to a future meeting due to the absence of two councillors, Eugene Rovensky and Jackie Brigley.
The tender to purchase the town’s surplus grader has closed, with one successful bidder winning the right to purchase the equipment.
The grader, purchased by the town in 1985, was put to public bid last month with a minimum tender amount of $7000. A bidder from out of town proposed taking the machine off of the town’s hands for $8600, an offer council readily accepted.

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