Council will consider museum funding request in 2018 budget

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Paintearth County councillors will donate auction items to the Castor & District Museum Society fall fundraising gala in October to aid with the building of a new freight shed at their regular Aug. 22 council meeting.
A request for funding for the freight shed will be considered as a budget item when the budget is reviewed for next year.
A letter of support requested by the County of Stettler, will be sent requesting amendments to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and other provincial legislation to improve the ability to recover unpaid taxes levied against oil and gas operations and the associated machinery and equipment and linear property.
The letter is requesting government to take action on the long outstanding issue of uncollectable School Tax requisitions and Seniors Housing requisitions which municipal districts and counties must collect and remit on behalf of the Provincial Government.

Municipal 2017 Election
The consensus of Council was to continue with the past practice of no deposit required to file Nomination Papers.
All election workers will receive a flat fee of $250 and County staff working will receive an honorarium of $100 per day along with meals over and above their regular wages.
Staff called in to count ballots will receive an honorarium of $50.

Assistant Fieldman
To ensure the County has more than one designated Inspector under the Acts; Agricultural Services requested and was granted a Assistant Agricultural Fieldman position.
The Agricultural Fieldman is designated as the inspector of the municipality employing them as a Municipal Inspector under the Weed Control Act, Agricultural Pests Act and is the designated the Soil Conservation Officer under the Soil Conservation Act.

Brownfield waterline
Councillor Rocky Dahmer, Chief Administrative Officer Tarolyn Aaserud and Director of Environmental Services, Jeff Cosens were involved with preliminary discussions with the engineers for the Brownfield water line.
Once it is known how many hook-ups would be needed, the size of the line would then be determined.
A building will be required and once the needs are determined the specifics for a building would be addressed. A site plan will also be drawn up for review.
Council motioned to proceed with further discussions and report back on the expectations, requirements, etc., and that the funding model with anticipated project costs of $1 million, which includes a shop for Public Works at Brownfield, be as follows; $150,000 funded from Water for Life Strategy, $550,000 from Provincial MSI Grant Funding and $300,000 from PW Restricted Surplus Building fund.


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