Council weighs options for stop signs

Council is seeking input from the public and other affected parties regarding the placement or need for stop signs at Railway Avenue and Main Street.
Part of council’s discussions at the Aug. 27 meeting involved safety concerns for pedestrians crossing and vehicles turning at the intersection.
Because the placement of a stop sign adjacent to the train station parking lot could pose difficulties for traffic flow into and out of the parking lot, council is weighing how to proceed.

Community foundation

The Big Valley Community Foundation has $275.00 available to put towards a worthy village cause.
The Foundation was started a few years ago under the umbrella of the Red Deer and District Community Foundation to act as a perpetual endowment. Individuals donate or bequeath money to the fund for supporting needs in the community. The interest from the fund can be left in the fund or applied to a worthy cause.
Council is looking for individuals and organizations to submit suggestions for the use of the $275.00.

Crime report

The RCMP two month report to council showed an increase in calls to the village which included 11 false alarms, a number of break ins and harassment issues, as well as hit deer reports.
The high false alarm rate was thought to have originated from a number of new alarm systems installed in homes in the village.

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