Council wants focus kept on restocking fish pond

Written by Stu Salkeld

Stettler county council wants to keep the spotlight on the possible restocking of fish in a local pond. A resolution to be sent to the provincial government was passed at the Dec 14 regular meeting of council.

During the council request for information part of the agenda Coun. Les Stulberg asked for an update on the municipality’s efforts to have Boehlke’s Pond stocked with fish.

Readers will note most fish stocking is handled by the Government of Alberta.

The pond is located off Range Road #155 north of Endiang. The pond is listed on mywildalberta’s website, a resource for hunting and fishing information, but no species of fish are currently listed as being found in the pond.

Stulberg stated he wanted to talk about the pond because with the recent changes within Alberta’s provincial government he just wanted to ensure Stettler County is moving forward with efforts to get the pond stocked with fish again.

He noted a meeting between Stettler county and some provincial officials was held prior to new Premier Danielle Smith taking office.

“We’ve started the ball rolling on it and really don’t want to see it stop,” said Stulberg.

Coun. Ernie Gendre stated he supported efforts to restock the pond with fish but noted Stettler county has suffered vandalism at that site in the past and stated that if it’s upgraded the efforts may attract “undesirables.” Gendre wondered who would police the site to ensure it’s protected.

“It’s a beautiful place, very scenic, very quiet,” said Gendre.

Stulberg acknowledged there had been vandalism in the past, but after repairs it remained undisturbed.

He said he hopes people would show respect to the pond.

Reeve Larry Clarke stated that if the pond was restocked with fish it would likely become a lot busier, and if there were a lot more people around there was probably a lower chance of trouble because lots of witnesses would be around.

The reeve also pointed out county residents who lived near the pond would likely adopt it and keep an eye on it.

County Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Yvette Cassidy stated that if the pond was restocked it would be Stettler county’s responsibility to police it.

Stulberg moved that Stettler county contact Minister of Environment Sonja Savage, Minister of Forestry, Parks and Tourism Todd Loewen and Minister of Agriculture and local MLA Nate Horner to ensure they are aware of this initiative and that the county wishes to see it move forward. The resolution passed unanimously.

Stu Salkeld
Local Journalism Initiative reporter
ECA Review

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