Council to work towards one housing authority

Coronation Town Council motioned to dissolve the Coronation and Castor Housing Authorities as per the Bethany Group’s final report.
The recommendation included dissolving the two housing authorities and developing a new representative body that would be a management body for the lodge,  manors, seniors self-contained apartments, family housing units, assisted living.
The report also said it could include larger areas such as transportation, wrap around supports such as mental health and primary care as part of its planning and response for the Paintearth county.
The amalgamation into one Management Body, according to Bethany Group, would present a unifying force taking into consideration the changes in focus of the new Alberta government “with a need and impetus for rural communities to work closely together to ensure that they can be seen as representing a regional population”.
The report went on the say “In this new environment it is going to become more and more of a challenge for smaller communities or regions to be heard and to have their needs acknowledged”.
The two authorities and their partners  have to work cooperatively to make this happen.
Coronation town council motioned unanimously to approve the dissolution of the Castor and District Housing Authority and the Town of Coronation Housing Authority for the purpose of forming a new Regional Housing Authority and that the terms of reference be determined in a cooperative manner between the four municipal partners.
If success in developing this new authority is realized, then the government would be asked to dissolve the two ministerial orders presently in place and replace it with the one ministerial order for the region.
This would only apply should the two bodies successfully amalgamate.

New businesses
Coronation town council approved to development permit applications during their regular meeting on Mon. Jan. 16.
Sonic Oilfield Service Ltd. plans  are to establish an oilfield fluid hauling company and a KCL potassium chloride and water blending facility on the old site that was originally a millwright shop owned by Lyle Bridge at 4011 Victoria Ave. in the industrial area.
The purpose is for mixing potash and water with two tanks for water and three for the mixed product.
The second development permit application approved was for Trevor Hughes for establishing of a woodworking business and a residential suite in the old Acklands building at 4813 Victoria Ave.
The existing offices will be renovated into a dwelling with the woodworking in the back of the building.
Rindal Oilfield Services received council approval for a temporary use of a paving plant on his commercial property for the Hwy 12 paving project this year.

Road to Success
Council approved the location of benches and garbage containers at the west access to the Coronation dam and suggested one at the boat launch but declined to have one placed at the bird sanctuary on the north side as that is left in it’s native landscape and would place an unnecessary burden on town staff for emptying the garbage.
Coronation was selected to participate in an applied research project to partner with Alberta Health Services for community cancer prevention, create environments where healthy choices are easier, and involve the community in taking action on supportive environments for cancer prevention.
According the the letter received by the town from the group’s secretary, Barbie Berg, they have received $25,000 to work on cancer screening, reducing UV exposure, physical activity strategies, healthy diet strategies, being tobacco free and reducing alcohol.
The first project is to create a walking path and a map downtown to promote usage of the path.
In other business, Council agreed to a $5,000 donation towards the Coronation Homecoming on July 1, 2017.

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