Council to decide on energy provider

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At the end of 2013 the Town of Castor’s contract with energy provider Alberta Municipal Services Corporation (AMSC) will come to an end.
The Town now has an option to buy into another one year or five year contract with AMSC or sign with 8760 Energy, an affiliate of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties.
“Once AMSC does the aggregation process, we will know what the price will be per kilowatt hour,” said Sandi Jackson, CAO of the Town of Castor.
The Town is hoping to lock into a fixed price, but they won’t know what that price will be until the last round of aggregation is done in mid-August.
“A fixed price structured block will reduce our exposure to escalating energy prices,” said Jackson.
Jackson said she will be watching the aggregation process over the next two weeks and will present more information to Council at the next meeting, July 22, 2013.

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