Council tabled taxpayer concern over false information


Morrin Council tabled the revised Animal Control Contract with Out Of The Cold company owned by Allison Fotheringham at their Jan. 24 regular meeting.  The contract had previously been accepted ‘with all amendments as discussed’ at the Dec. 21 meeting at which time Deputy Mayor MacLeod had left the council chambers due to conflict of interest.
Mayor Suzanne Lacher commented that she and Coun. Al Bremer would “take it home and compare the old [contract] to the new and bring it back to the next meeting”.
Council again put off a letter of request by resident John Siemens regarding false information in the Oct. 19, 2016 council minutes.
Coun. MacLeod again asked it be “put off until next month” because he didn’t go through it [information]”.
The request for corrections had been sent to the Village Office at the end of November.
Council raised the concern that they didn’t feel the village should be responsible for sanding the parking lot at the arena.  The arena is owned by the Ag Society.
Following a one-hour in-camera session, council motioned to agree to the request of Starland County to make an offer to purchase land in the Village of Morrin.
According to Ross Rawlusyk, CAO for the Starland County, he stated that the County needs permission from the Village prior to making an offer to purchase property within the village.
Council reviewed the monthly financial reports and the Public Works written report however following the meeting, public access was denied for these reports when requested by the ECA Review reporter.
“You’re not getting the financial report,” stated Deputy Mayor David Macleod, “our foreman’s wages are on there.”
When asked to white-out the foreman’s wages [which is not public information] CAO Annette Plachner interrupted saying, “No, I’m not going to do so, don’t even ask.”
“Because we’ll get accused of altering documents,” concluded Macleod.
According to the Municipal Affairs Act, the public has the right to view the financial statements.

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