Council sets date for by-election

Written by Terri Huxley

The Village of Forestburg has officially set a date for the upcoming by-election as March 22.

Three people have put their names forward for a seat as councillor including Diane E. Anderson, Robert Frizzell and Aaron Martz.

This follows the resignation of councillor Gerald Caron who has moved away from the community.

Incentive program

Many Forestburg residents have been taking the village up on their offer for credit since its inception two years ago, the latest being the owners of Utility Account ##118200.

The village received a utility credit request of $500 from the residents.

The property owner indicated in their letter that they have invited a family of two to relocate and purchase a home in Forestburg which prompts action from the Community Growth Incentive Policy where residents who can prove they have brought a family or business to the community are rewarded; the incentive being a property tax or utility credit of $500.

Council, after review, agreed to alot the full $500 to the owners on their utility account.

Assessment Audit Report

Alberta Municipal Affairs has provided the final detailed assessment audit report for Forestburg’s Assessment Year 2000/Tax Year 2001.

The audit recommendations are essentially unchanged from the draft audit report that was provided to administration and the village’s assessor last October.

The final audit report notes the work of the village in addressing one of the draft recommendations, that being the designation and formal appointment of the village assessor.

The report compliments council for the proactive action taken on this matter.

It has been noted by the assessor that the Best Practice Recommendations do come with costs that would be cost- prohibitive if they were to only be adopted and applied by Forestburg.

The application of distinct assessment exemption codes to municipal-owned properties may involve minimal set-up charges in our software programming.

Any costs will be found within existing administrative budgeted amount.

Council accepted the report as information.


Terri Huxley

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