Council sends Palliser grant application letter of support 

Palliser Regional Municipal Services (PRMS) recently found an opportunity to apply for grant funding through the Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) Program under the Intermunicipal Collaboration component that would be beneficial in helping PRMS complete a strategic plan and full review of the funding model strategy.

The ACP grant was expanded to include projects that look at regional service delivery plans and the streamlining of service delivery, developing or reviewing existing regional services to create operational efficiencies, and developing or reviewing cost-and revenue-sharing models.

Council agreed at their regular meeting on Tues. Dec. 15 to forward a letter advising that council authorizes the County of Paintearth to participate in an application for the Palliser Regional Service Enhancement Project submitted by the Village of Acme with Palliser Regional Municipal Services as the Primary Contractor under the Intermunicipal Collaboration component of the Alberta Community Partnership program.

With the County of Paintearth as a grant partner, they also agreed to abide by the terms of a conditional grant agreement governing the purpose and use of the grant.

STARS presentation

Glenda Farnden, STARS Senior Municipal Relations Liaison gave a presentation via video conferencing technology to council on how STARS operates and what the non-profit does for the County of Paintearth.

In 2020, the air ambulance service has come to the county 12 times, up three incidents from last year.

Ten of these visits consisted of Castor and Coronation Hospital interfacility transfers with two incidents near Castor and Galahad.

They have been out to the county 37 times since 2016.

With COVID-19, STARS’ main priority has been to maintain unimpacted operations.

They have enhanced PPE measures, enhanced airway management protocols, oxygenation and ventilation procedures and maintain physician-driven strategy.

STARS has requested the same pledge Paintearth gave as last year at  $5 per capita, equalling $10,510 per year for another three years.

Council accepted the presentation as information.

Bylaws passed

Council gave second and third reading to the Procedure Bylaw which describes how council will function in a council or committee setting.

Also passed was the Nomination Deposit Bylaw that was presented in draft form to council.

In it, it describes that each nomination form submitted by a candidate must have a $100 deposit to enter.

It also explains the deposit will be returned if the candidate is elected or withdraws their candidacy.

If the candidate loses, the deposit will be paid into general revenue.


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