Council remuneration policy, bylaw solidified

Written by Terri Huxley

Coronation council has officially established their remuneration policy and bylaw after their regular council meeting on Mon. May 10.

Monthly honorariums for members of council are to cover regular meetings per month.

The mayor is paid $850 per month while councillors are paid $650 per month.

Per diems for councillors and appointed Members at Large (special meetings and
emergency meetings only) are calculated at a rate of $200 per day, (four hours or more) and $100 for a half day.

Mileage for meetings outside of town limits are paid for at 50 cents per km while inner town travel is covered under the per diem.

Council passed a motion to accept the policy and passed second and third reading later in the meeting for the bylaw.

Each councillor is allowed to apply for training or for educational courses, however, must be approved by council prior to the start of the course or training.

Old shower house moving

Town staff have been working to gather information for the cost of moving the old shower house to the north side of the campsite.

For an estimated $1,200, a local contractor will provide a truck and haul it to the desired location as this was found to be the safest option for employees and the structure itself.

Council passed a motion agreeing to move the shower house for the estimated price.

Palliser asset management project

Last year on July 15, 2020, the application for the Palliser Regional Asset Management Project grant was presented to council, and at the time, council had provided a motion to support the program with $5,000 as part of a stipulation for receiving up to $45,000 in return.

This project funding will help further an asset management program for Coronation and help track and keep information current.

Administration shared an update saying the training and implementation of the project will begin in the next couple of weeks.

This project will begin moving forward into the first stage of implementation after the initial training seminar, and courses have been taken to use the equipment and Palliser web map.

Council accepted the report as information.


Terri Huxley
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