Council makes changes to Coronation’s user fees and rental rates

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On Monday May 27, 2013 council approved changes to the Town of Coronation’s user fees, rental rates and charges.
Non-profit organizations can rent the Lion’s Rec Centre for $25, whereas before it was free of charge. It will cost $20 per session if you want to book 10 sessions at the Lion’s Rec Centre, making the total cost for 10 sessions $200.
It will now cost $200 to rent the kitchen and viewing area at the Curling Rink and $350 to rent the entire building, which includes the lounge. A $500 damage deposit will also have to be put down in order to use the rink and if it isn’t cleaned-up then $20 will be taken out of the damage deposit for every hour that clean-up is needed.
“This will make people think about cleaning up after themselves,” said Mayor Dawna Elliott. “And to leave it how they found it.”
Licenses for neutered or spayed cats have gone up from $10 to $20.
“Who’s going to enforce this fee?” asked Liz Adams, who sat in the gallery during the council meeting. “There’s no point in having a license if no one is going to enforce it.”
The mayor said council would look into working with the RCMP to help with enforcement.
Campground fees have also changed. It will now cost $35 per night for a fully serviced site and $30 for a partially serviced site.
“I highly recommend you guys think twice about raising campground fees,” said Jim Dafoe, Coronation Dam and Campground attendant, who also sat in the gallery as council met.
Jackie Brigley and Brett Alderdice were the two council members opposed to passing the motion to raise user fees, rental rates and charges.

Heated debate

A letter written by Coronation Town Councillor Jackie Brigley triggered a heated discussion at Coronation Council meeting on May 27, 2013.
The letter addressedBrigley’s concerns she had with council’s philosphy of co-operation, collaboration and communication.
“I don’t feel this council is transparent at all,” said Brigley. “There are a lot of meetings prior to meetings going on.”
When council asked what her letter was in reference to, Brigley replied by stating, “stuff going on with the campground.”
Bernie Danylyshen also presented a letter to council, addressing the Memorial Garden being developed by the Choosewell Committee at the campgrounds, stating it was a motion approved by council at a previous meeting.
Council meets next on June 10, 2013 at 7 p.m. at the Coronation Council Chambers.

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