Council is trying to baffle brains

Dear Editor,
I read with astonishment the report in the ECA Review, that the purchase of the new tablets were an effort to help the town go “green”, so now they could discontinue printing paper council packages.
Seven new laptop computers were purchased in 2007 (one for each councillor and one for the administrator) for this exact purpose, and paper council packages were not produced from 2007 until last spring 2011.  So this council does not need to re-invent the wheel.

My next question is how did they “break” the laptops?  A few e-mails and package downloads should not have broken them, unless they were used for purposes other than town business.
If they were too broken to be used by councillors for the purpose for which they were purchased ‘town business’, how is it they are good enough to be used by town employees?  Usually if a computer is broken, it is of no use to anyone.
Sounds like council is trying to baffle brains once again.
Linda Miller

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