Council hires MPE Engineering for work on affordable housing project

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Coronation town council is being proactive towards the possibility of bringing affordable housing to the municipality.

At its regular meeting, Mon. Nov. 7 council gave the go-ahead to Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Quinton Flint to use Canada and Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) Seed funding of $45,000 to hire MPE Engineering to conduct a senior housing project assessment and complete pre-design work.

Flint said suitable locations for the affordable housing units also need to be established.

The funding was received from CMHC several months ago to be used for exploring the possibility of bringing affordable housing to Coronation.

The CAO said MPE’s proposal has met all criteria outlined in the request for proposal.

The engineering company has also been working with the municipality to assist with the next steps on the CMHC grant application for federal funding and has also been working with the town to ensure administration is aware of new grants as they become available so the application process can be followed promptly.

The CAO told council that there has been no announcement regarding funding, but this information could be available later this year or early next year depending on when the Minister of Seniors and Housing has established a funding model.

However, the CAO explained to council that it is important to begin the necessary steps towards making the project a reality by completing the geo-tech studies and pre-designing buildings. Being shovel-ready would expedite the funding process.

MPE Engineering Ltd. is an employee-owned professional engineering consulting firm with offices located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.

They offer a full-service, multi-disciplinary engineering team in the municipal, water resources and building services sectors.

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