Council exploring use of security cameras

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures 10 kilowatt Solar PV system in Morrin Alberta at the water plant installed by Goose Creek Renewable Energy.
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Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner was directed by council at their Dec. 18, 2019 regular meeting to provide two quotes for installing security cameras for recording outside the front entrance to the village office, in the office and in the shop area adjacent to the office.

Council felt it was prudent for the CAO to have this for protection purposes as she mostly works alone.

Draft budget in the works at FCSS Mayor Howard Helton noted that at the Community Futures meeting, Family and Community Support Services spent time going over the 2019 financial reports and working on a draft budget for 2020 as well as review the manager’s report and the monthly financial statements.

Coun. Wilton reported on several things the Morrin Ag Society is doing including hosting a Bullarama which will be prior to the Homecoming in 2020.


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