Council elects Peacock new mayor

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The annual organizational meeting of the Coronation town council was held Oct. 23, 2023.

As per Bylaw 2016-647, Bylaw for Appointment of Mayor, the first item of business was to elect this year’s mayor.

Mayor Brett Alderdice declined a nomination to serve as the mayor for the coming year. Instead, Matthew Peacock was elected to serve as Coronation’s mayor for the next year.

“I definitely look forward to serving the town,” said Peacock, and took his place in the mayor’s seat, as chair person for remainder of the council meeting.

Ron Checkel was elected to serve as deputy mayor.

All councillors agreed to remain on the committees where they currently serve. The organizational meeting was followed by the scheduled council meeting, with Mayor Peacock presiding.

Snow removal bylaw
Bylaw 2022-693 passed second reading, dealing with snow and ice removal, with the following noted amendment: If a property shows no sign of being maintained for 48 hours following a snowfall, it may be subject to a fine. However, if even minimal effort is made to remove snow and ice in front of a business or residence, it would not result in a fine.

Priority snow removal routes have been established. The first priority snow clearing route is to maintain access for medical emergencies, such as routes to the hospital, or from the ambulance bay, and routes from doctor’s residences. This is followed by access to the R.C.M.P. station.

Lower priority routes follow in descending order. Occasionally, however, a priority focus may go to an impassable road, such as where the 20-foot snow drift by the golf course last winter caused the town grader to be stuck for three days.

To alleviate the problem of drifting snow, snow fences will be set up this year, particularly by the ball diamonds and the golf course.
Council has also asked Paintearth county to ask the operators of their larger graders to drop a blade whenever a grader is passing by the town, to help clear roads. The larger county graders can clear in one pass what the town graders may need four passes to complete the job.

Speed bumps
Temporary speed bumps have arrived and will soon be installed on Municipal Road, north side by the hospital, where speeding has been a chronic problem potentially putting lives and property at risk.

Library Board
Council approved the appointment of library board members, as recommended at the Coronation Memorial Library annual general meeting.

Chelsey Setter now serves as the library board chair. Donna Rondeau is vice-chair and Jill Bossert serves as secretary/treasurer.

Solar array proposal
Chief Administrator Officer (CAO) Quinton Flint reported on a meeting with investors and representatives of a solar energy company who are interested in establishing a solar farm.

The overall goal of this company and its investors is to work with three nearby counties, and towns in east central Alberta, to install up to 100 megawatts of solar panels.

An Assessment Feasibility Study will be presented to council at the next council meeting.

The solar energy company hopes to install a seven to 10 megawatt solar array at the Coronation site.

It was noted in the council meeting that before any such installation can be approved, Alberta Provincial Regulation Guidelines stipulate a mandatory public hearing is required, without which such a proposed project cannot proceed.

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