Council denies request to plant trees on boulevard

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Castor town council denied a request that was brought to council during their July 10 meeting regarding buying and planting trees on a street boulevard.

Joanne and Darrell Howe wanted the town to supply three columnar poplar trees to plant on the boulevard in front of their property located on 45 Street. They want the trees as the existing tree is getting older, and they would like to have added shelter for it so that it doesn’t get more damaged.

During discussion Coun. Shawn Peach asked if that street was on the tree program.

“It will be eventually on the tree program,” said Chief Administrative Officer Donna Rowland. “We’re not in that area of town yet.”

According to Joanne Howe’s letter to council, they could plant and maintain the trees.

“My concern is if we start to allow private citizens to plant trees on our boulevard we open the door pretty wide for everyone,” explained Mayor Richard Elhard.

After considering these factors, council decided against permitting private citizens to plant trees on the boulevard, affirming their stance that it is the town’s responsibility to manage and maintain the public space.

Residents can plant trees on their property as long as they are placed 16 feet from the curb.

Memorial monument
Council approved a request made by Castor Fire and Rescue for a memorial monument.

“We’d like to put a monument up in honour of Steve,” said Fire Chief Patrick Kelly.

The memorial monument is being made to honour volunteer firefighter Stephen Rayfield, who died in an accident on Feb. 4, 2022 when responding to a call.

Castor Fire and Rescue is looking at a grant to help cover the monument’s cost; however, according to Kelly, they have all the funds for the monument if the grant falls through.

According to Kelly, speaking to the council is the first step in the project. They plan to place the monument on the triangle piece of land next to the department where the trees are located. Castor Fire and Rescue hopes to complete the project within the next year.

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