Council declines increase to remuneration

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Castor town councillors moved that monthly salaries and per diems remain the same for the upcoming year. This decision was made at the organizational meeting held prior to the regular meeting on Oct 22.

The salaries and per diems were last changed in 2015. Mayor, deputy mayor and councillors receive a monthly honorarium of $650, $500, and $450 respectively.

This is in line with the average payment which is documented in a survey of remuneration rates from September 2017.

However, council did move to increase the mileage paid per kilometre to reflect the rate that is set by the Canadian government.

The current rate found on the official Canadian government website is $0.55.

This is an increase from council’s previous reimbursement of $0.50.

Natural gas controller

The town’s south natural gas system will be receiving a new controller as per council’s decision. This will cost approximately $6,000 to $8,000 and is not in the budget.

“We can’t run without it,” said Mayor Richard Elhard.

The controller is a vital piece to the town’s natural gas system. This new controller will be more efficient and minimize gas that escapes the system.

“I have done everything I can to try and fix it,” said Assistant Foreman Weston Gibson.

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