Council deals with water plant issues

In the absence of an accurate agenda that included ‘old business’ as per the Village of Morrin’s Policy Procedures and direction from council at the January meeting, council approved unanimously an agenda that Mayor Howard Helton provided for the Feb. 19 regular meeting.

“I’ve got quite a revision for the adoption of the agenda. It’s old business that wasn’t carried forward that we need to deal with,” said Mayor Helton.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner had agreed in the January meeting to keep the ‘old business’ on the agenda until such time as the business items were completed.

Cheque list and payables

Mayor Helton questioned the ‘Cheque List’ that had been approved by council at the previous meeting and cheques already issued, noting that a cheque for Pier Enterprises and the janitorial service was paid without council ever seeing an invoice, despite a request several times by council. Mayor Helton commented that council was also still looking for a copy of the contract with Glen Riep of Pier Enterprises.

He questioned whether the relief operator doing the water sampling, who is also a county employee, when Glen Riep was away, was being paid by Pier Enterprises.

“Is he actually paying her or is Starland?” questioned Helton. “We’re still paying him $682.50 monthly so we need to know who is paying the replacement operator.

“If he’s not paying the relief operator and Starland is paying the relief operator, perhaps Starland wouldn’t charge us over $7,000 per year.”

That is the amount in the contract with Pier Enterprises.

“Well, Glen and Danielle would still be doing the work,” stated CAO Plachner.

“Yes, but he’s getting paid by Starland. He’s already an employee of Starland so we’ve got all this sharing that’s going on now with the Inter-Municipal Agreement, so then maybe another part of his [Riep’s] job description with Starland could be taking samples at this water plant and we can do away with the $7,000 [expense].”

Public Works foreman, Dave Benci is taking the Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association training necessary to qualify him to take water samples and maintain the water supply.

“He still has to work under Glen for a year, once he gets his certificate,” said CAO Plachner.

Benci reported on the water plant’s Facility Safety Checklist.

In his report, he noted he did not have the authority to implement anything in the water plant as that is regulated by Alberta Environment.

Council approved a Safety Checklist and Deficiencies to be given to Riep, who is authorized as Operations Manager of the water plant.

“Seeing that we are ultimately responsible if the power goes off to ensure that generator starts and that everything works then we should be the one that can expect to see some kind of protocol, for that place, like to have a fire extinguisher, to have an eyewash station, all these things that are requirements that aren’t in there, etc. etc.,” stated Helton.

“Present that to Glen and expect a response, keep it on old business so we keep addressing it.

“We can give Glen this Safety Checklist and the Deficiency list and ask him to get his broom and clean the place up and get some of these things addressed

“Take the garbage out on a regular basis and keep it off the floor and make it look like somebody cares about that place,” Mayor Helton concluded.


J. Webster

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