Council considers pedestrian bridge and pathway

Melissa Robbins, Director of Operational Services for the Town of Stettler, proposed a Request for Pricing about a new pedestrian bridge during the Tues. Aug. 21 council meeting.

The pathway will sit along the south side of Highway 12 from 61 to 67 Streets including this new bridge to accommodating foot traffic over Red Willow Creek.

Cost for the construction and paving of the pathway will be approximately $25,000 to $30,000 which gives room of $170,000 for the bridge including installation.

This money has been set aside in the capital budget.

The cost to put the bridge in with only the help of town employees would cost $30,000 less than it would to contract professional help but Robbins put emphasis on contracting outside help to confirm the job was done properly.

Mayor Nolls noted the liability of using strictly town staff would also increase. Coun. Cheryl Barron added, “I don’t want to put our men in that situation”.

Many companies raised their interest in supplying said bridge but they were also hesitant to install it. One company, Expanse Inc. of Calgary, expressed interest in installing.

“There have been rave reviews in Calgary,” said Robbins.

The company gave a quote of $168,895 to install and supply the bridge.

This bridge will be a custom-built steel truss bridge that will span 21 metres, hold up to 8,000 pounds and have a weathered finish much like the bridges in Kananaskis area.

Vertical slats will be installed to stay up to code with no horizontal slats to encourage climbing. Treated wood will be used to construct the bridge.

Council made the motion to proceed with Expanse Inc. for the supply and construction.


Fire and Flower offers cannabis course

Cannabis retail giant Fire and Flower will soon be opening 17 stores across Canada with speculation that one of them will be located in Stettler.

The franchise prides itself on innovation and safe consumption for consumers.

To stick with the innovative theme, the company is holding focus groups on Tues. Sept. 4 in Edmonton for elected officials where they will share feedback about how to appropriately go about community engagement.

Mayor Sean Nolls was invited to attend as well as another representative from Canmore.

The mayor has yet to make a decision whether to attend or not.


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